Travel Journal

Ghent - Thursday

(Saturday 3 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Hey, we are sitting in a café bar in the middle of Ghent drinking the local bier, its sunny and we are among many doing the same. The channel crossing was a doddle, very efficient and quick. We left Folkestone at 10.50 arrived in France at 11.45 and the bonus was, the fare was paid for with Tesco vouchers, who says you can’t get anything for nothing! The only downside was that the wind was really blowing and the rain torrential for setting up. It could have been worse I suppose, we could have been going over and not under the channel! We are staying in Blaarmeersen which is surrounded by water and very good for water sports. The local bus/tram and rail stations are very closeby. For 8 euros we get 10 trips around the region and the rail service frequently goes into Bruge, Antwerp and Bruxelles several times a day. There is a very good cycle network here with tracks running along all roads, lakes and rivers so everyone travels by bike. Good job we brought ours. Part of Ghent is full of students from the University so, on every corner there are hundreds of bikes tied up. Tempted to order another bier but so much to do and places to see, hmm. Thank you for your emails and messages, its great hearing from you all. So, until we speak again, jill xx


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