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(Tuesday 6 April 2010) by Jill's travels
This morning we got up to frost! By 11 am the sun was out and there wasnt a cloud in the sky in fact the temperature was warmer than its ever been, 18 degrees! At long last we had heat which made a very nice change from rain and winds. It took us 1 hr 15 to get into the Capital, it was a great drive, the roads where clear and uncongested with views of vast forests. As we got into the capital we took a park and ride and the bus arrived within minutes, 1.20 euros for both of us to get to the Centre. Our first sightings in Luxembourg was on the Adolphe Bridge which overlooked the Petrusse Valley and what a sight, it was amazing. To have a huge park in the centre of a captial was unusual to see, it was quite disorientating as generally a Capital in my experience is full of husstle and bustle and this park was so tranquil. We went onto Williams Square whose Cathedral chimed every 15 mintues or so, it set the scene as the locals sat on benches having lunch or just people watching. We had a coffee and planned where we were going to walk. Next step was to see the Palace of the Grand Dukes attached to the parliament buildings, with a guard marching monotonously up and down. Clairefontaine Square was also imposing with a Statue of the Late Grand Duchess Charlotte, Art Galleries and the Embassy of Financial Affairs. The Grund was an area surrounded by a river and a very impressive Centre de Rencontre Cultural Abbey. This was a testamont to the importance of religion to these people. We had heard that Luxembourg was a dull and expensive centre, we felt very different, our expectations were exceeded. It was a Capital which unlike most was truly beautiful and vibrant. xx We are moving to Lake Ohmbach in Germany tomorrow.

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