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Into Germany

(Sunday 11 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi, Since leaving Belgium we have been in the Rheinland Region of Germany, Ombachsee, which is situated close the French border. It is not as picturesque as Belgium and unsurprisingly has no French influence, except between the hours of 1-3 pm when everyone sleeps! When we arrived at Ombachsee it was 2.30 pm and not a person to be seen except a couple of people parked up fast asleep! On our journey from Belgium we didn’t see one caravan or motor home on the roads, we still have not seen an English number plate! The Site we stayed on had a whole community living on it. The people were very friendly and would always smile or wave as they passed us to fill up with water or empty their rubbish. We took a trip to Heidlberg from there, one side of the City is steeped in history, the other modern. It has the longest row of shops you can imagine and a busker was singing Beatles songs in his German accent, quite funny. The NeckerKanal runs right through the City which is in constant use either with huge commercial barges or tourist ferries. The bridge over it reminded us of Charles Bridge in Prague but a smaller version. On or off it, it is quite beautiful and a local group of musicians added to the atmosphere. Alan noticed from the bridge that people where walking up to a viewpoint and the minute he said it, he regretted it! Ha. Saints Hill pathway was never-ending especially as it was the hottest day we’d had but once we got up there the view was amazing. It overlooked the Canal, the City and Heidelberg Castle, it was quite spectacular. Alan had to agree it was well worth the effort even though he complained all the way because he had the rucksack! All along the Canal is Philosophers Walk where all the students sit on the grass studying or not! We had lunch there, it was a perfect sunny spot.
We drove from Ombachsee yesterday (Saturday) on clear roads and in bright sunshine. This morning, we woke up in Gunzburg to rain and sleet. The site we are staying on is the Legoland Feriendorf in the Bayerisch Region. To say its immaculate is an understatement, it has some of the most luxurious motor homes and caravans around! And is ideally situated in between Stuttgart and Munchen. We have travelled approx 350 miles across Germany and what has captivated us so far is the vast amount of wind farms, situated around every corner, huge viaducts and tunnels running through the mountains and of course the dense forests running alongside the roads. I have to mention their radio stations, (I had Charlotte load up my passport hard drive with albums as I had missed music on previous holidays.) Their music is either English or American artists and are a mixture of old and new from ‘My Sweet Lord’ to Fire Flys, my favourite which Charlotte sings fabulously. So, not so dire. The Canadian Force Network has been updating us on the news around. Alan has been tuning in to the BBC world service on his little shortwave radio. So, all good. Best wishes xxx ps photos to follow.

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