Travel Journal

Northern Bavaria

(Wednesday 14 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi its Monday, we visited the old City of Augsberg. This I understand, is where Mozarts Father was born and the family were raised around the area. The square has the most imposing Old Town Hall building which gives it an edge over Ghent for example. There is a fantastic tram system in which they have clearly invested large sums of money. We stumbled across a market place which was down a side street, when we opened the door we were taken aback by the people in suits standing up drinking and eating. It was a food hall and it had to have the best of their local produce in it and the chefs cooked and served their specialty dishes. Don’t like to admit we both had a Greek dish there, the guy clearly enjoyed his food and served bigger than average portions, no complaints! It was really tasty and cost 12 euros for two with bier. Weisswuerste are a specialty here, it’s a white sausage made of veal, we bought a couple to take home, they cost us 1.71 euros! Best wishes xxx

Tuesday, we cycled all around the area of Aitang where we are staying. This area is so different from the North and really has an Austrian influence. The cycle paths run all along open fields with very clean and imposing farm houses dotted all around. Fen, you would have no trouble with scoping out routes for jogging here, they seem to build a road and include a cycle/footpath path next to it. It really does encourage people to run (I really am working out, proof in the photo)! We are very close to the Austrian border and can see the mountains in the distance, it is quite lovely. Lee, I can see the attraction of cycling in different Countries, it can be quite addictive, photo to show anything you can do we can do better, ha! xxx


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