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(Sunday 18 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Yesterday we got the train to Munchen, took 1 hr 10 mins and cost 30 euros return for two. We bought a map of the City and did the touristy sites which were mostly in the Centre of the City. The first building you see is the Gothic Cathedral with its two domes towering above the City. The Town Hall which is in Marienplatz Square is the place most people tend to congregate, when we were there Green Peace where also demonstrating. The Royal Residence and Opera is in close proximity and again a stunning building to walk through and I understand the largest residential Palace in Germany. By this time, we got a little thirsty so we headed of to the Hofbrauhaus which is the place to quench a thirst, everyone drinks Steins even it appears, do females. There is a park just outside the Centre which is called an English Garden as we wandered through it, we found a memorial of Diana (which we thought was our Diana as it was in the English Garden but it was a Goddess Diana). We are still unsure about the relevance of this in the middle of a German City consisting of 900 odd acres! Saying that, it was lovely with streams and fountains running through a forest and families where picnicing and bbqing. It also had a Japanese Tea room which took us by complete surprise when we saw it. If you can visualise this enormous Japanese building where a jazz band was playing and over 200 people drinking steins of beer, eating ribs and other hot dishes, not at all how I envisaged a Japanese Tea Room to look. There are cyclists everywhere and we wished we had brought the bikes with us, as the train ticket includes a bike. What we found really very strange about the park, was that guys would be sunbathing completely naked and nobody seemed to bother about it. Alan didn't fancy that. Before catching the train back we bought some olives at the Viktualienmarkt which was just bustling with people, on reflection this place would have been the place to eat. Everything was freshly cooked and the produce was fantastic. Nearly every stall sold white asparagus (it is a speciality of the season and cooked in various ways), which is just under 3 euros for a small bundle and we found out that traditionally, it is offered to guests and served with butter or hollandaise sauce. It is on the next shopping list! The only downside about yestersday was that the camera wasn't fully charged and gave up on us soon after arriving! Hey ho. It was, all in all a great day and I wasn't tempted to buy shoes although it took a lot of discipline. xxx

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