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Innsbruck and out of Germany

(Tuesday 20 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi, Up early today so updating the journal now just in case we dont have wi fi on the next site. Our news is also dominated with the Ash Cloud and Austria have halted their flights out until further notice. The weather here is so much better although once the sun drops temperature is very cold. Our view here in Chiemsee is still as stunning as ever although the snow on the mountains is beginning to melt now. We are on the move today (Tuesday) towards Vienna which is all motorway and hoping the vignette which we brought yesterday for Innsbruck as a preroad tax is all we need to pay and not additional tolls.

The journey to Innsbruck was along the River Inn with mountains either side of the motorway with villages built into them. We must have been climbing for about an hour passing cafes and bars on the road side which were closed. We stopped off at a place called Achensee where the town is in a valley next to a large lake. We arrived at around 11.30 to find all the shops closed and not many people about. As we got to the end of the Town we noticed a supermarket open so we parked up and went in. People were having coffee, some sat outdoors, as soon as Alan saw the pastries we were right in there joining them. The cakes and pastries were laid out to perfection with many to choose from! It was a small supermarket which stocked everything from fresh vegetables, fruit, wine and postcards and so very clean. We asked for two coffees and they were served on two small silver trays, with a glass of water and a biscuit. It was delicious.

We got to Innsbruck after stopping of at a Rasthaus on the motorway (our Services) to buy the vignette to be permitted on the Austrian Roads. This cost 8 euros for 10 days. Again, the Rasthaus was the same standard as the Supermarket and wished we had not packed lunch, as the food was mouth watering, not a burger bar or mcdonalds in sight!!

Innsbruck is a smallish City surrounded by Mountains, the capital of the Tirol region. It has a very small old part which has a famous place called Golden Roof which is a building and has a logia over a window and this is covered with gilt copper tiles. There is a shopping mal which is mostly designer and very expensive. The Museum, Town Hall and City Tower were all worth seeing and of course there is the Olympic Ice Sport Centre and Swarovski Crysal Centre. For a place thats not that big, you could spend a day quite easily. We filled up with Diesel on the way back, this was a lot cheaper than in Germany at 1.09 euros/litre. The journey back was downhill all the way so, bit of a saving especially as the train fare would have cost 100 euros return for two. We got back around 7 and had dinner alfresco, what a beautiful evening until the sun went down around 8.30. Bye for now, next time I plug in it will be in Austria. xxx

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