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Strandcamping Turnersee

(Sunday 25 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Here at Strandcamping, Turnersee we are in the middle of a nature reserve surrounded by mountains with every other one covered in snow, still! This is one of the friendliest sites we have been on since leaving the UK. People either greet us with ‘Gut Morgan’ or stop to show their amazement that we have travelled all the way from the UK. One guy living on the site, came over and offered us a whisky one evening and anything we need, we have only to just ask. (he is 70 and is a permanent resident here) The weather has been around 25 degrees today so we chilled, had lunch and went on a bike ride to the nearest town. It took us quite a while to get there though, as we kept stopping to take photos. We eventually got into St Kanzian which is a bit of a holiday resort but what makes it special, is that it is in a valley with a lake that has decking alongside and bars that everyone can just sit and watch the world go by. What we have noticed since arriving in Germany and Austria, is that everyone is mad about ice cream, so many people walk around with an ice cream even in the rain and cold with most bars selling every kind of flavour going. Here in Austria they still keep their Sundays for family days as, apart from the odd bar everything including supermarkets are closed the whole day which is a valuable lesson we learnt very quickly. So, it’s all good so far, thank you for your messages and emails, speak soon, best wishes xx

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