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Ljubljana Slovenia

(Tuesday 27 April 2010) by Jill's travels
Today we drove to Ljubljana the Capital of Slovenia. We decided to take the most scenic route through the mountains and as luck would have it, it took half the time the motorway would have. To say it was scenic is an understatement; it was very beautiful and also very steep and winding. I had to take a photo of the sat nav (sad I know) as it showed how winding the road really was and to our surprise the BMW sat nav gave up as we entered Slovenia as it doesn’t cover the Eastern Europe Region but the Tom Tom kept going and didn’t let us down! The first thing we noticed on the way up, was the colour of the trees, they were most captivating, to see forests within the mountains with every colour of green was quite beautiful. On the way back, the sun was quite low down in the trees and was even more spectacular. The streams which followed us up every inch of the way were now glistening in the sun too. The car is still causing a stir with the locals and we still have hardly seen a British number plate since we left the UK. Upon entering the border of Slovenia, we were met with a snow capped mountain and signs welcoming us however, nobody was about and we drove on through. What can I say about Ljubljana, it was a public holiday (celebrating the uprising, apparently the date changes according to the year) and so businesses and shops were closed and therefore, was a real family day, it was perfect to get a taste of the Slovenian way of life. We walked around the market and across so many bridges, the cobblers bridge and the triple bridge! Whereupon musicians were playing and locals were dancing. The capital was much smaller than we had anticipated. The Ljubjana Castle towers above the City and once we were up there we noticed that it is surrounded by mountains. The people are mostly English speaking and very friendly. The language is so very different to what we have experienced so far and can only assume it has a Croatian influence. We have learnt to say hello: doberdan and thankyou huala, hey how good is that. Best wishes xxx


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