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(Sunday 2 May 2010) by Jill's travels
Thursday, 29th, we drove from Southern Austria to Venice on the Autostrada which is a toll road and cost 15 euros. Arrived at Camping Fusina which overlooks Venice and situated just 100 metres from the water bus to Venice. The location clearly had an effect on the cost of the site, as it was more than double what we have been paying, so far. We will probably stay just the two nights. The site is absolutely full and people are parking everywhere and anywhere so that they can get a front row pitch with a view of Venice over the water. I think it’s fair to say, it is very cosy, you can virtually touch your neighbour, you can certainly hear every conversation! As soon as people arrive, mostly Italian families, out come the chairs, table, cloth and wine and they do make the most of the outdoors. The water buses leave on the hour from 8 am until 8 pm and costs 12 euros return. We caught the 10 am bus the next day and it took just 15 mins. to cross the Grand Canal. We had been to Venice before, so knew what to expect however, we still took all the photos we took last time, don’t know why we do that! Hope you enjoy them, it is certainly very energetic especially along Rialto Bridge where you can see a wedding, a funeral, commercial cargo, water police, taxis and of course gondolas all go by and at times, all at once! We found a spot under the Bridge and two hours later we realized we had only seen a quarter of the City. If you like people watching, then this is people watching with a difference, ha! Venice is more expensive than we remembered, two coffees 8 euros, coffee under Rialto bridge much much more. It has to be done though, a very unique City with buildings dating back from the 1500s and in the 21st Century to see the Italian men in their white or pink linen trousers, hair slicked back and sunglasses standing up steering boats looking cool, is also worth the visit, ha.

Today Saturday, we drove to Lake Garda, the Toll Road was another 15 euros but this time it was frantically busy due to their Bank Holiday. It has been one of the least picturesque roads since we began the trip although the vineyards where very pretty and we saw poppies growing at the side of the roads.

We are settled here and have been fortunate enough to have a pitch right at the edge of Lake Garda, it is very pretty. The weather has changed a little, having got used to hot sunny it is now raining, I suppose you cant have it all. Best wishes xxx


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