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Bracciano lake, Roma

(Thursday 27 May 2010) by Jill's travels
Monday, 24 May, We moved to Bracciano Lake near Roma, the drive to the region again was so very different from the Toscana Region which had rolling hills and open spaces. This regions olive trees were so much more matured and had other mature fruit trees which we hadn’t seen in the other regions. Bracciano has an amazing castle Odescalchi made famous by Tom Cruise! Apparently, he married his current wife there. It was built in 13th Century and sits imposing on a hill overlooking the lake, it really does set the scene for the small Town of Bracciano. The mountainous backdrop and the clear blue waters of the lake are quite breathtaking, unlike Trasimeno, we were able to swim in it. We hope to visit Rome and the Vatican City from here. Look forward to hearing from you and hope to be able to make more updates when wifi available to us xxx ps you enjoy the photos

  • Lovely photos! by Penny

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