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(Sunday 13 June 2010) by Jill's travels
Sunday, 13 June, we are still in Italy, the good news is the temperatures have risen quite dramatically. They’ve been in the 30s for a number of days now, so no complaints. Since leaving the tranquil Bracciano in the Toscana region we have been staying at a place called Biai Dominzia, close to Naples. The roads and parking spaces are built for the tiniest of Italian vehicles and I really can’t believe there are any driving tests taken unless part of the criteria is that you can smoke, chat on the phone with the obligatory arm handing out of the window!Sorry, to the very few Italian drivers that don’t do this, ha! However, we’ve found the beaches here stunning, surrounded by moutains and there is no charge to visit some of them. The region must be a few degrees warmer as there are lots of palm trees and cacti.We are currently staying further south near Solerno, were there are few olive and vineyards and plenty of plum and lemon trees.The lemons are so big you would need a pint glass of gin and tonic to put your slice of lemon in, Mum not good! The Amalfi Drive is about 30 minutes away from here. The actual drive takes in half a dozen towns along the way and is approx. 30 minutes from start to finish. It is spectacular and what is interesting about it, the locals have still managed to retain one of the most envious locations in Europe. They have not been monopolized by the Town Council or Real Estate Companies. We are of to the East Coast tomorrow, heading towards the toe of Italy hoping to catch a ferry to the three islands of Scicily, Sardinia and Corsica over the next 10 days. As I sit here under a tree typing there are a number of geckos running around, can’t believe I’m still sat here! Calm!! Oh the life of a Traveller. Very best wishes to you, hope you enjoy the photos xxxxx

  • Stunning by Ade
  • Stunning by David & Alison

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