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Southern Italy

(Thursday 17 June 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi, Since leaving the hustle and bustle of Naples and Amalfi we have stayed on a couple of very rustic Sites right on the edge of the beach. It seems people from Germany have monopolised this part of Italy, not as many from Austria or Netherlands. The beauty about the area is that there is not a lot to see, so a good book and plenty of sunshine has been top of the agenda for us. What can I say about Southern Italy, the Calabria Region, there are lots of beaches surrounded by hazy mountains. A pity the Council don't seem to have put a great deal of investment into the cleanliness of the Beaches or the upkeep of their Villages. There is lots of litter and rubbish strewn along the roadside and prostitutes are very much part of the scene. Saying that, there are vast open spaces and the cost of living is so much cheaper than other regions however, they are set up for wifi where other more cosmopolitan regions haven't been! It is such a pity that the majority of the region is so unkempt.

We arrived here in Gioia Tauro today which is just 50 km from the Ferry at Reggio di Calabria which we are hoping to catch to Scicily on Monday. We arrived here at 1 o'clock and the place was deserted and guess what, it still is. It is very sleepy, very rugged and a little unkempt. We hope to stay in Scicily for four days, then go across to Sardinia and Corsica before we sail across to Toulon in France. We dont know yet whether the ferries are geared up for the length of van we have, so watch this space.

Photos on the way, best wishes xxx

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