Travel Journal

South of Italy

(Sunday 20 June 2010) by Jill's travels
Hey, We've had quite a few relaxing days since arriving here with temperatures in the 30's. We are situated about 100 yds from the beach in a little campsite called La Quiete. The sea is so blue with such a strong undercurrent, it is quite amazing to watch. What is really quite funny about the Site called La Quiete, is it has been anything but quiet! It is situated right next to the only local night club in the area, lucky for us the population is quite low however, the music which plays from 8 until 2am is quite high. By day, the Owner of the site has been practicing his DJ skills and plays music from around 10 am so all in all its been La Noisy! In addition to him getting his site ready for the Italian holiday season.

We went along to Reggio di Calabria, the port where the ferries go over to Sicily. Disappointingly, we are not able to visit Sicily, Sardinia or Corsica this time round as we have a problem with the ground clearance on the van. We have a mover on the van which only gives us 5 inches ground clearance on the front axle which is not enough to get us over the ramps on to the Ferries. So, we are travelling to the South of France through the East Coast of Italy.

We are hoping to reach Monaco by 3 July, where we hope the roads are built to accommodate us a little better than Italy ! ha. So, up early in the morning to head for the Campania Region. I will upload some photos of the East coast which I believe is quite lovely. Until then, best wishes xxxxxxxxxxx


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