Travel Journal

Port Grimauld

(Thursday 8 July 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi, Today we have been preparing to leave Frejus and saying goodbye to our friends from Holland as they leave for Austria. Temperatures are still a constant 35 degrees. We visited Port Grimauld yesterday which is a small more cosmopolitan, Venice. Ive taken lots of photos and hope it captures just how beautiful and also clean the Port really is. We had a barbeque for our friends Jan and Dinny in the evening and chatted about life in England compared to Holland. Jan saying at the end of the evening 'Europe is the same village'! We finished of the evening watching the Spain and Germany match on the big screen at the bar. We will miss their every day sayings such as 'Per-fect' and 'Lekker' which means delicious and generally having them as neighbours. Ive put some photos of the problems that the floods have caused for residence, holiday makers and business owners. Best wishes xxx

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