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(Saturday 14 August 2010) by Jill's travels
Still near Perpignan where weve had a little change in weather, although still quite hot weve had wind and rain. Good opportunity to take a drive to the Spanish border as we had heard from people on the site that a shoppping centre right on the border in the village of Le Perthus was very reasonably priced. It took us about 50 mins and realised when we got to Le Boulou which is about 6km from St Perthus, the queues of traffic were not roadworks but the queue for the shopping village! The drive is right through the mountains where the village is 1000 feet high and people were actually walking at the side of the road and getting there in the same time.

Once we got there we realised that the police had a major traffic operation on their hands, a tiny village with a long narrow street full of shops trying to accommodate hundreds of people and their cars. After queuing to get into the village we tried driving out again to park the car along the roadside outside of the village, it was the best idea. Not sure it was worth all the effort although the drive was quite stunning the quality of the products in the shops certainly were not worth anymore than what they were offering. There were local people with their own personal shopping trolleys full of spirits, meats, clothes, electricals etc. The places to eat where completely full to capacity selling fast food. We left after an hour or so but managed to buy a pair of shoes! Unfortunately, on the way back to the car the heavens opened and we got soaked and the cars where still bumper to bumper. The clouds had taken on the most amazing colours and formation and from such a height part of the mountains had disappeared altogether. It wasnt just in the mountains that the weather had changed, we had thunder and lightening all the way home.

Ive taken photos of the area here when I was cycling this morning. There are cycle tracks that go on for miles around here and hence more cyclists in all their gear than there is traffic. Ive been quite motivated to cycle or jog first thing before it gets too hot and later on before dinner although i dont have the gear and look a typical female on holiday. You will see how beautiful Canet is with its wide open fields and hazy mountain backdrop. Speak soon, best wishes xxx

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