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On our way to the Netherlands

(Friday 8 October 2010) by Jill's travels
Hey, Hope you are all well and had a good Summer. We are now in Belgium after returning to the UK for a couple of weeks to have the van repaired and a cold weather water system fitted before entering Scandinavia. We had a result from Insurance and were able to replace the damaged German Reich mover for a British one called Powrtouch. This one is supposed to be more powerful and certainly has a greater ground clearance which hopefully, wont give us any manoevreing problems. The other one had caused us some problems and of course, heading for the cold weather we will need as much help as possible.

We’ are staying on a site which is 10km from Bruges which we visited yesterday. Bruges was one of the first places we stopped in Europe at the beginning of our trip and it was well worth a second visit. We've now roughly planned the next six months taking in the Netherlands on the way through to Scandinavia and (with mixed feelings) put away summer clothes etc for the Winter weather. We’ve had a great warm Summer and are very excited about a snowy winter although, everyone we've met on the way round think we are mad!

Best wishes you all and hope to capture some fab photos to give you a taste of life in Scandinavia in the very cold weather, hey! xxx

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