Travel Journal

Germany to Denmark

(Thursday 4 November 2010) by Jill's travels
We are finally in Scandinavia, a place I have been longing to visit with its Glaciers, Fjords and Waterfalls. Not sure about Alan though, he is very reticent foreseeing little things such as freezing temperatures, snow chains and rising prices! Ha. We are staying at a place called Kolding in Denmark which is in the Region of Jutland. We traveled from Holland into Germany staying at Hamburg and Kiel before crossing the Danish Border. I have to admit to having had very high expectations from the start for Denmark and having been here just a couple of days, I may have set them perhaps, a little too high. Kolding is just 50 miles over the border from Germany and possibly where we may not see a clear Danish influence until we cover more miles, perhaps. Kolding has a lovely old castle, Koldinghus, dating back to the 13th Century where there is a lake on one side and a river on the other. The view from there is quite nice as we could see as far as the Fjord in the distance. We walked around it and could see that they’d restored it and now use it for different events, at the moment there is a Beatles exhibition, can you believe. We then walked into the Town which is a historic little place we felt it had lost some of its energy though, which may be partly due to the huge Kolding Storcenter which we believe is Jutlands largest shopping centre just 3 km down the road. We went to the shopping centre the day we arrived here as it was raining and the Centre seemed the perfect place to spend a wet afternoon. It had everything all under one roof including a cinema & supermarket, it was great. The cost of living here is quite high and we had forgotten that the Danes don’t do Euros so we immediately drew out 200 DKK! Hadn’t realised until we bought a coffee and Alan’s obligatory cake that half of the 200 DKK was the cost of the bill! We had drawn out £20! (100 DKK equals approx £1.20). The bonus was that most of the parking is free! They’ve a fabulous library in the town which has lots of free internet terminals which we could log on and use for as long as we needed. We spent an hour or so in there and hadn’t had such accessibility in a public building to the internet anywhere in Europe. As we walked back through the town we were surprised to see loads of graffiti which would have made Banksy proud and was worth a photo. The weather as you would expect is getting wetter and colder although we see from the local news that the temperatures are due to drop quite significantly in the next couple of weeks. The Danes are prepared for it, we noticed the school children in ski suits in the playground although the UK tend to plan further ahead for Christmas, not many signs at the moment of any Christmas decorations here. We continue to love life on the road and it must be said the car and van have done us proud although, there is no denying life will be very different in such extreme temperatures. I’m optimistic the positives will outweigh the negatives. Best wishes xxx


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