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Copenhagen in the Snow

(Saturday 27 November 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi, We are officially snowed in and are still in Denmark, can’t get out or in any other site. We have had non-stop snow for days, I have to hand it to the Danes, their roads, cycle tracks and pavements are cleared well before people have had breakfast. We caught the train into Copenhagen today and with a foot of snow, the trains still run on time, every 10 minutes into the City. Copenhagen looked very different and so we took more pictures of the City especially for Sis Edwina and Steve. It was a very different place when they visited us just days ago. The streets are covered with Musicians, Jul Glogg (Danish mulled wine) and roasted almonds. We followed everyone into the local Church which was in the middle of the main street and was given Jul Glogg and Chocolate Coconut cake, Mum and Dad you would have loved it. We made our way to Tivoli and the place was buzzing, a picture post card with Christmas markets, trees, lights and real live snow, hey, it was beautiful. We got back to the caravan and it was even deeper in snow. Not sure when we will be able to make our way to Sweden, we hear the snow is even deeper there. Hope you like the photos. Best Wishes xxx

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