Travel Journal

On the way to Sweden

(Tuesday 30 November 2010) by Jill's travels
Hi, We are in Gothenburg, Sweden. We hadnt had snowfall on the previous day in Denmark or during the night so this morning we decided to go for it and head towards Gothenburg. It was a 200 mile journey and we didnt really know if we would make it with the winds and temperatures but the sun was out and the snow looked fabulous. We made it and now we are in Gothenburg and it feels good. We paid 570 DKK, 680 SEK which equated to around �64 to travel along the bridge from Denmark to Sweden! The journey started out at -6 degrees and we saw -10 degrees on our travels. Infact, when we got to the bridge to pay for our crossing both the windows and door had frozen and it took a while for us to open them. We stopped off to fill up on LPG, we heard that in Denmark and Sweden there are very few garages that have LPG. The staff at the Preem Garage were so friendly, they gave us some fluid that enabled us to get into our locker which had frozen over and their friendliness made a real difference from being in Denmark. The Lisebergsbyn Camping Site was a surprise, very inviting, christmassy and friendly. We are here until after the New Year so heres hoping its all that, Best wishes xxx


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