Travel Journal

Gothenburg, Sweden

(Saturday 4 December 2010) by Jill's travels
Hey, we have snow again and the snow has not melted from the previous times so, its getting deeper but the temperature is not dropping, its gone from -11 yesterday to -2! We caught the tram into Gothenburg today and had a look around the harbour and the indoor market (Salu Hallen) you can see it from one of the photos. The cost of living is quite high in Sweden so you can imagine how busy this place was, it sold every fresh produce from meat, cheeses, seeds, nuts and even a health vitamin stall. We joined the locals and had a drink of Glugg (medicinal purposes of course). We went of to the harbour which is really nice, with the Opera House situated right on the waters edge with a huge ferris wheel. The Ship Hotel which is linked to this campsite was also there with half the water still frozen. We walked back along the main street which they call the Avenue, which was full of decorations and trees and supposed to be the place to be in Christmas and New Year. It snowed like mad so we walked back to the site passing the Liseberg Amusement Park, dozens and dozens of people where queuing to get in there, it looks amazing with all the lights and rollercoasters, can't wait to go. Speak Soon, best wishes xxx

  • Pix by Toyah
  • Al got his thermals? by Ade

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