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New Year in Gothenburg

(Wednesday 5 January 2011) by Jill's travels
Happy New Year to everybody. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We spent Christmas with our Daughter Charlotte and she flew back on the 28th. Our friends from Weymouth made the New Year very special for us, they flew out on 30th. We chilled, walked a little, eat and drank and chilled a little more.

We are in Gothenburg with lots of deep snow and still falling heavily as we speak. The temperature had dropped dramatically a couple of days ago to -21 however, today is not quite as cold. The view of the forest from our window is now forming into one large snowball and the little snow ploughs are working very hard outside. Alan is continuously clearing the roof of the awning as the last one had ripped with the weight of the snow. The van is very warm although we have frost on the inside of the windows when we wake, on the whole, it has kept us very warm considering it was not exactly built for these temperatures and conditions. In comparison with the scandinavian vans which have a radiator system running all along the inside, keeping all water thawed and running.

We had planned to move further North of Sweden however, we think it would be wiser to maybe move up to Oslo in Norway. There is a good road network straight to there and should we get snowed in, we could catch a ferry back from the port. At this time though, Sweden is a great place to be and there is no real rush to move on. Hope you enjoy the pics, Ive taken some this morning as Alan clears the snow of the car with his 'Swedish must buy' item........... (Paul, considering the conditions in UK you should have taken more than one back and made a profit on the sales). Best wishes xxx

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  • Great Pics. by Ade

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