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Germany - Rostock!

(Wednesday 12 January 2011) by Jill's travels
Hi, We are in Germany......our origin plan was to travel North of Sweden but the snow was 3ft deep within 100 miles north of where we were actually staying in Gothenburg so we decided to change the plan. We caught the ferry from Trellborg, South of Sweden to Rostock, Germany. We booked a last minute one way ticket with Scandlines for just �132 and it was well the cost. The trip went exceptionally smooth in more ways than one, we virtually had the Ship to ourselves, the water was like a mill pond and Scandlines customer service was second to none!

We are staying just 20 miles from Rostock and tomorrow we head for Berlin where we will stay for a few days. There has been a lot of snowfall here, not as much as Sweden though and of course, the temperatures are positively warmer. It feels good to be in Germany although, Sweden holds very special memories especially having spent Christmas and New Year there. We wont miss the cost of living in Sweden, as it is much higher than all the other European Countries. For anyone touring Scandinavia I would recommend the Lisebergsbyn Camping Park but,in the Springtime, as any time between November - March a Scandinavian built home is a must! There were some downsides there, but I dont think I will experience such an enchanting sight as Sweden in the snow. Best wishes xxx


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