Travel Journal


(Monday 21 February 2011) by Jill's travels
Hey, its been quite a while since I last updated the blog, sorry. We are now travelling through Scotland having caught the ferry from Amsterdam beginning of the month. We are now staying near Loch Lomond which lies just on the fringes of the Trossachs. We've had a few flurries of snow the last couple of days and so it is very beautiful. We have been blown away with some of the sights here in Scotland, especially the Trossachs where we stayed with our friends Julie and Ste (an amazing place, Ive taken photos for you to see), Pitlochry and Edinburgh City. Having said that, we sailed into Newcastle from Amsterdam and Durham City takes some beating with its many Cathedrals, Castles and friendly locals. We hope to go onto Dumfries next week, then down to the Lakes and finish up in Chester by the middle of March where we will spend time with our family and friends. Where has 12 months gone! Its then home for a friends big birthday bash, looking foward to it Simon. Hope you like the photos. Best wishes xxx


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